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The BONNIN FAMILY vines spread over 43 hectares, mainly in Martigné Briand in the town of TERRANJOU.

Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon represent the major part of our culture for the production of traditional cuvées in red and rosé.

Chenin, the main white grape variety in the Loire Valley, is also cultivated for white wines and Fines Bulles.

Finally, Chardonnay, Grolleau, Gamay and Pineau d´Aunis are used in the creation of innovative cuvées!

At FAMILLE BONNIN, generations follow one another but the land remains, giving its true value to our grapes and our wines. Therefore, we know how important it is to respect and preserve it, for us and for our children ... This is why we have chosen to work in Sustainable Farming, and joined TERRA VITIS since 2001 and DEPHY FERME of the Ministry of Agriculture since 2013. (see "Our commitments")

All our daily work patterns are organised to achieve three fundamental aims:

  • to work in an ecologically respectful and responsible way
  • to promote soil-plant exchanges for maximum qualitative expression
  • to ensure the production of quality grapes to satisfy all our markets and thus ensure the sustainability of our Domaine

In the vineyard, this means:

  • Soil analyses for each plot to understand how it works and to adapt our wine-growing practices accordingly
  • Tilling or grassing to limit (or replace) herbicides
  • Thinning out of the leaves and optimization of natural prophylactic practices
  • Reducing doses for all phytosanitary interventions
  • Investing in ever more efficient equipment to respect the ecosystem and the working conditions of our employees

From the vine to the glass, we always keep the same concern for quality and respect for traditions ...


48-salarié-23 juin 2015 40-salarié-23 juin 2015 copie

Pascal :The eldest in the team ... and the most experienced

His qualities: knowledge of the vineyard, love of passing on its know-how to the youngest


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Cédric: The youngest and the tallest!

His qualities: an excellent tractor driver, he always takes care of his equipment ...